How You Can Get Admission into Auburn University?

The Auburn University is the famous public research university located in Auburn, Alabama which is among the 2 public flagship universities of the state.

Auburn university was founded on 1st February, 1856, as an East Alabama’s male college, which is also private liberal-arts school that is affiliated with Methodist Episcopal Church.

Let us see in this write up, how to get into Auburn university, which is considered to be one of the most competitive public universities of the USA.

Following are few statistics available regarding admission into the colleges of Auburn university.

  • Acceptance rate of the Auburn university is 80.50%
  • Average SAT needed will be 1160
  • Average ACT needed will be 27
  • Rough average of unweighted GPA is 3.7
  • For test seekers scoring 75% or more will be useful

Therefore, if your test score is little above average, then you will get competitive edge over all other qualified applicants.

SAT essay policy of Auburn

Applicants of Auburn need not submit any SAT essay along with rest of the examination as essay is considered as an optional component with the test, and therefore students considering Auburn must note this policy.

SAT scoring policy of Auburn

While considering the SAT score, Auburn will prefer to consider only the highest score of any of the test attempt. This will differ from super-scoring, which is policy where colleges will combine all the best section score from multiple attempts of test.

ACT essay policy of Auburn

Applicants of Auburn need not submit ACT Essay together with rest of exam as essay is totally an optional component for the test, and therefore students must take a note about this policy while considering Auburn admission.

Join certain Extracurriculars activities to get aligned with Auburn’s values.

If you want to increase your chance to get admission to this university then you must join any sports team of your school or join any other group activity.

In some of the colleges, Auburn University gives plenty of recognitions to music heavily, and hence you must try to take part in any organization which is related to music performance.

You can also prefer to volunteer in different activities in your own hometown. Auburn will provide you tons of ways for getting involved in such activities besides your just college studies.

The Auburn University prefers that every applicant must be also a good ambassador for his school and want that their students will also give back to local community as well as broader areas of Auburn in general.

Therefore, during your summer holidays, you must spend enough time doing something which speaks about your values, leadership qualities, personal growth, and few other kinds of less quantifiable characteristics.

Besides, your grades or test scores, Auburn wants to see that in future you will be able to contribute your valuable contribution in their community. You have to demonstrate that you are much more than your grades and the test scores.

Keeping in view of what has been mentioned in this write-up and prepare yourself for getting entry to this university.


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