How to Inculcate the Habit of Regular Dental Check-Ups in Your Child?

You can start taking your child to a dentist when you think it’s the right time. However, as per the experts, a child should start visiting a dentist right after the first tooth appears, or he/she gets 12 months old.

Ideally you should take your child for dental checkups every 6 months. Now, that sounds like a lot, isn’t it? Well, frequent visits are crucial to ensure your child’s oral health.

Top 3 reasons of why your child should visit a dentist frequently

 It ensures that everything is as it should be

There are many troublesome signs concerning your child’s teeth which only your dentist Gorokan can spot. Your dentist can figure out whether everything is developing correctly or if there are any crooked teeth. Also, if your child is suffering from fluoride deficiency, a dentist will be able to figure it out, and make recommendations accordingly.

Furthermore, a dentist will be able to explain you and your child the correct techniques of brushing and flossing.

  1. It helps in keeping a watch on your child’s teeth

No matter how much care you are taking of your child’s teeth, some kids tend to suffer from dental diseases and decay. A dentist will be able to spot early signs of such conditions and let you know about the same. He/she can treat the disease before it spreads or becomes irreversible.

  1. It helps in relieving the anxiety your child might develop

If you start taking your child to a dentist from an early age, he/she will develop a sense of comfort and trust around the dentist. This means, the child will no longer experience any fear or anxiety about going for dental checkups, and experience stress-free dental clinic visits.

What to expect at the first visit?

The first visit is all about making your child feel relaxed and comfortable around the dentist. This first visit will be approximately 30 to 45 minutes long. Keeping your child’s age in mind, dentist will conduct a full examination of teeth, bite, jaw, gums and oral tissues.

If the dentist will find it necessary, he/she may even do gentle cleaning, teeth polishing, plaque, tartar and stain removal. Throughout the visit, your dentist will interact with the kid and explain the importance of maintaining proper oral health. Dentist will even try to inculcate good oral hygiene habits in your child.

Preparing yourself and your child for the visit

Before you go ahead and book your child’s appointment with a dentist, the first thing you should do is take some time and make necessary preparations. You will definitely have some questions in your mind, and for that it is best if you first visit the dentist alone. Clear all your doubts and then revisit the clinic with your child.

The second thing you must do is keep your dental check-up stories to yourself. You might have had good, bad or worst experiences with your dentists, but your child doesn’t need to know them. Your horror stories might make them feel uncomfortable or overwhelmed about the idea of visiting a dentist.

On the contrary, try and make your child excited about the visit. Give your child a general idea about how the visit will go and how a dentist will check and count his/her teeth.


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