Various Tips to Improve Speech Clarity in Adults at Home

Clear speech helps to express feelings, ideas, and thoughts and to build social relationships. Speech disorders like shuttering and others will make it difficult to convey simple message to others. This may lead to depression and social isolation.

Communication problems in adults will be cause by untreated childhood language/speech conditions or medical conditions including paresis or facial paralysis, articulation problems, hearing loss, oral cancer, oral structure weakness, or others.

Clear speech is very important, particularly in adulthood because many factors including building career, relationships, etc will get affected due to lack of proper communication. All these make the person feel uncomfortable and embarrass.

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The following are few tips that help you to improve your speech quality even at home.

Maintain good breathing support

Good breathe is necessary to have fluency in your speech. Practicing breathing exercise daily not only helps to improve overall health but also improves your speech clarity as well.

Take deep breath as much as you can and slowly exhale. Also, take deep breath when you start communicating with others. Moreover, individuals who stutter can control the speech rate with the help of this exercise.

Keep mouth empty

Surplus saliva in your mouth makes your speech gurgly or wet to hear. So, before speaking swallow saliva and keep the mouth empty for a clear speech.

Speak meaningful short sentences

If you are experiencing problems like oral structure weakness or poor breathing support, speaking long sentences becomes difficult and it may not convey your words correctly to the listeners. So, make use of short phrases to express your thoughts appropriately.

Say sounds of the words

A listener cannot understand you if you miss the sound of a phrase or word, few times the starting and the last sound of a phrase will fade away and makes your speech poor. So, make sure you pronounce every single word clearly for better understanding.

Use mirror

You can use mirror to practice yourself at home, listen to your words carefully you are speaking and observe how you are pronouncing and the way your mouth and oral structures moving. Remember all these when you are talking to others.

Record your words and Play

For better practice, record your sentences and play them. Then, listen to it to find out where you are making mistakes like unclear words and sounds. Practice unclear words again until they are clear. If you are talking too fast, take some time and slow down because other who are listening has to understand what you are speaking.

All these attempts will help you in making your speech clear to others. Even though, you practice all these at home, an expert assistance is necessary to become more fluent and clear. Gather information about different speech therapy services and choose the best one that understands your needs and offer services depending on your problem.


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