A Patient’s Guide to The Aftercare of Dental Implants – Everything You Need to Know

Dental implants are boon to people who suffer from embarrassment of missing tooth or discomfort of the dentures. Now, you do not need to be conscious while you are smiling in the public. With dental implants, you can behave like a carefree human being. Dental implants are artificial replacement to your damaged teeth and also can fill up the gap in between the gum by giving a natural look to your smile.

With the latest medical advancement, teeth implantation techniques are gaining huge popularity in Australia. Dental implants in Canberra are popular because of its high success rate. In this process, after understanding the condition of the teeth, implants are fitted to support the adjoining teeth. If needed, the medical practitioner can also recommend substituting it for the whole row of teeth for better gum movement.

Dental implants can last longer if proper care is taken. Most of the dentists prefer them over dental bridges and even dentures. Since most of these implants are made up of titanium these are very durable and may even last for more than a decade.

However, you need to take good care after the surgery and throughout your life. Also, you must not forget maintaining the right pH level of your mouth to have a balanced oral health. Apart from brushing twice a day you must also include flossing and regular cleansing of your titanium teeth, daily.

Tips to follow for taking care of your Dental Implants

If you take care just like your natural teeth, then they tend to last for more than 12 years. However, you need to adhere to certain lifestyle changes and adopt safety tips for better teeth and gum health.

Taking rest

Right after the implant surgery, your oral surgeon will ask you take rest for few days depending on the surgery and related medical conditions. Also, the practitioner may recommend keeping head at certain elevation during most of the time. At first it may seem uncomfortable, but you must do your best in order to heal the operated area quickly.

Cleaning implants right after eating

You must understand though your implants feel and functions just like your teeth, they are not your natural teeth. Hence you must make a daily habit to clean your brand-new teeth after each and every meal to reduce any chances of bacterial infection within the gaps.

You can also opt for special dental cleaning tools and implant cleaning brushes which can help you clean your teeth in a better way possible. Additionally, do not forget to keep your tongue and mouth clean. You can use mouth wash from time to time, for better oral hygiene.


You will be surprised to know but yes you can floss your artificial teeth and it is very much necessary. Not only it will give a natural look to the implant but also maintain the health of the gum.

Soon after you have got your new set of teeth, you must floss the implant. Also, make sure that you have cleaned it properly, so that you can chew your food without any hindrance.


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