Speak Better and Confidently – Speech Therapists Are Here to Save The Day


Communication is one of the invaluable gifts many of us take for granted. Since it is effortless for us to communicate our thoughts with confidence to your family and friends, more often we don’t see how frustrating things are for those with speech disorders. If a person speaks with less clarity, he/she is bound to attract more attention in public and end up feeling embarrassed.

It can push the person to even social isolation and depression. Speech clarity in adults could be due to Dysarthria, Facial paralysis, weakness of oral structures, misarticulation, hearing loss, first language influence and untreated childhood disorders. Getting help from Speech-language Pathologists helps in significantly improving clarity of speech.

Eastside Speech Solutions at Sydney offer wide range of adult speech therapy. They come up with a customised plan for every individual. Get in touch with them to discuss your needs.

How can speech therapists help adults?

Stuttering: The reasons an adult stutter could be many. It could be triggered by some sounds (like p, b, d), due to anxiety or when on calls. Speech therapy reduces the severity of stutter.

Accent Modification: The cultural and language differences more often make it hard for non-native English speakers to follow the accent of native English speakers. The non-native English speakers find this communication barrier to be frustrating which can be sorted out by speech therapy.

Transgender communication training: Speech therapy helps transgenders in altering the pitch of their voice, non-verbal communication, voice projection and other aspects of communication to make them sound more authentic.

Social anxiety: Some may find it difficult convey their ideas at workplace, making new friends, communicating during a conflict or sustaining relationships. A speech therapist helps with confronting anxiety issues.

Improve the quality of speaking voice: Professional voice users make a living using their voice like singers, radio hosts, teachers, actors etc. A speech therapist helps professional voice users to effectively use their non-professional voice during their non-working hours so that there is no impact on their professional speaking voice.

People with speech disorders can combine expert help with the following tips at home to gain better voice clarity.

  • Breathing exercise: Good breath support is important for good speak. Practice breathing exercise regularly like taking a long breath and exhaling slow. Remember to take a deep breath before you speak.
  • Swallow excess saliva: Excess saliva could be one of the reasons your voice sounds gurgly.
  • Good posture: A good posture influences the way you breathe. Wrong posture makes your breath shorter and results in poor control over exhalation. Stand or sit straight and avoid shrugging your shoulders.
  • Use shorter sentences: When you have weak oral structures or poor breathe support, speaking long sentences are difficult. Use short sentences and focus on content words.
  • Slow down: Maintain appropriate speed for good clarity. Pause between words so that you message is conveyed clearly.
  • Record and play: You could assess yourself by recording your speech and listening to it. See which words sounded unclear and which part was incoherent. Practise telling the same sentences again and make corrections.
  • Avoid multitasking: Avoid focusing on any other work while talking. Dividing the attention between two jobs could cause you to miss out on the techniques used.

The role of speech therapists is not only about handling people with disorders. They therapists can literally help anyone communicate better.


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