Advantages of using eco-friendly bags

The use of plastic bags is getting banned all over the world. As we are moving to an eco-friendly lifestyle the need for reusable grocery bags is increasing day by day. You can either make these bags by yourselves or order custom wine totes in bulk from custom earth promos.

While at some places the plastic was banned, there were some places where the market had started charging for plastic bags which reduced the consumption to 90 per cent. With these eco-friendly bags, you can only imagine the benefits. Here in this blog, we will see how these reusable bags are proving beneficial.

Practical benefits of using reusable bags:

Nobody can deny the fact that shopping bags are used for practical purpose that insures the safe transportation of all the items from the shopping cart to your home. Simple grocery store or your favourite retail outlet, shopping bags are always required. Reusable shopping bags you get a whole set of practical benefits.

  • First of all, eco friendly reusable shopping bags are very study as compared to the traditional plastic bags. They will not rip apart if they get tangled into something. The user with bats are much more stronger and can hold more items as compared to the plastic bags. The study material makes it difficult for the back to breakdown.
  • Because of the use of material like cotton, 20 usable bags provide you ergonomic handles. This makes these bags to be carried easily and without any discomfort despite the weight.
  • Because these bags can be easily folded, eco friendly shopping bags take very less space in your home.
  • If you have a reusable bag that is a funky and cool logo then it can become a fashion accessory as well. This will ensure that your eco-friendly brand is seen wherever you go.

Economic benefits of using eco friendly bags

The stores whether it is a retail or a shop, have started charging for the plastic bags. Extra charges make the reusable bags much more attractive.

  • An average person we use around 13000 plastic bags in their whole life time. With a charge of 5p per bag, the person is likely to spend 650 euros on plastic bags.
  • The average cost of reusable bags is around one Euro but you will use this bag 500 times. If you are Spending 1 Euro on each reusable bag, you will only spend 26 euros for your whole life.

Environmental benefits of using eco friendly bags

  • The use of plastic bags reduces to a great accident every year which helps you to save millions of aquatic animals by preventing water pollution.
  • Reusable bags can decompose easily which is a very good advantage of using them.
  • Using reusable bags also saves a lot of energy that is being used to manufacture plastic bags.
  • The plastic bags have a lot of chemicals that can be very harmful for humans when the contaminate the air, land, and water.


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