Mistakes To Avoid When Using A Conditioner


Conditioner is an essential need after shampooing your hair. This is because it helps in locking the moisture in the hair and makes your hair look beautiful and healthy. However, when you use it, you need to avoid these bad habits.

Not keeping the “hair type” in mind

Everyone’s hair type is different. It is important that you understand the texture, length, dryness, extent of damage and thickness, at the time of using a product. This implies that, if you have colored hair, then you need something specific. Ask your stylist to get recommendations on what product will work and that will not work.

When you look for a new conditioner, you should read the instructions on its label. This includes usage instructions, contents, and use by date, etc. This will ensure that you use the conditioner in the right way. There are several stores where you can buy keratin conditioner online. Keratherapy is one of the leading firms to buy authentic cosmetic products at the best price.

Apply conditioner on the scalp

Always apply the conditioner on the scalp and, then move it toward the hair strands. This is because the scalp is the oldest, driest, and the most damaged area. It requires a good level of conditioning. If you put the conditioner at the top section, then it can make the roots and scalp oily. So, always start from the root level and then bring it up to the hair strands.

Not applying it uniformly

Another mistake that people do is that they take a good amount of shampoo in the hand and rub only on the specific area of the scalp. This happens mostly when they are in a rush and do not have time to spread it evenly on the scalp. The outcome of this approach is that the entire scalp does not get conditioned.

The right way is to take a wide-tooth comb that helps in equal distribution of the conditioner throughout the scalp. This helps in moisturizing the scalp thoroughly. This technique mostly works when you have thick curls or hair.

Failing to rinse the scalp thoroughly

If you miss rinsing the scalp, then it can cause clogging in hair follicles. It can even result in building up deposits of chemicals on the scalp.

Rinsing the scalp immediately after applying it

The conditioner needs to be put on the scalp for a little time before you wash it. Ideally, it should be kept on the hair for one minute or two minutes before you rinse it.

Not applying conditioner

Hair conditioner is a must requirement for every person. After when you shampoo your hair, it will make your hair become rough and shine less. Conditioner helps in restoring the moisture in your hair and prevents it from becoming brittle. Different types of conditioners are made for different types of hair. You should find the one that matches your hair type.


So, these are some of the common mistakes that people make when applying conditioner to your hair. By preventing these mistakes, you will find that your hair will become healthy, shiny and smoother after every use.


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