A Guide To Learn About Lumineer And Its Benefits


Lumineers are basically name of the brand that manufactures porcelain veneers. It is manufactured by Denmat Lab, who is one of the recognized manufacturers of dental devices, and appliances.

A veneer is a thin wafer form of shells that are joined to the teeth to correct dental issues like cracking and chipping. They are also popularly used for bridging the gap between teeth. It also assists in restoring the whiteness of teeth. This article will inform you about veneers, and its benefits.

How to do a traditional setup of a veneer?

In the traditional setup, a minimum of 1mm size of the enamel is removed. This empty space is used to fit the veneers.

Other ways to place a veneer in your mouth are performing an impression, drilling, and engraving the surface of the tooth to make sure that it fits the shape and size of the tooth. Traditional veneer needs several visits. It also takes up a lot of time. Tribeca Dental Care is the most trusted place for performing Lumineers in NYC.

What are Lumineers and how are they better over traditional veneer?

Lumineers are one of the examples of no-preparation veneers. This implies that you do not need any intensive preparation to get it done. The procedure of getting them only needs two visits.

Veneers are available in a variety of forms. The ones that are made using porcelain exhibit a lot of strength and durability. Such veneers can easily last for 20 years provided proper care and dental hygiene is maintained.

What are reversible veneers?

These are also popularly called as “reversible” veneers by dental experts. This is due to the reason that these veneers can be easily and safely removed. They can also be modified without bringing a lot of change in the structure of teeth.

What should you look for when getting this treatment?

These are preferred over traditional veneers due to the convenience. To get the best benefit from it, you need to consider only a certified lumineers dentist to perform the job. The dentist that you choose should have certification from a recognized institute and have undergone proper training.

Who are the right candidates for lumineers?

These are ideal for those who relate themselves to the below-mentioned conditions:

  • Do not prefer intensive dental procedures such as reducing the enamel thickness, drilling and tooth preparation.
  • Prefer strong veneers that are less susceptible to cracking and chipping and lasts long.
  • Have cracked and chipped teeth due to a trauma or an underlying gum disease. Lumineers help in restoring the original appearance of the tooth.
  • Wish to close gaps between teeth
  • Wishes to fix their distorted, crooked and unaligned teeth
  • Wish to make their teeth white

Who should not get lumineers?

This is not an ideal option for those who show following characteristics:

  • Having dental issues such as a decay or root canal infection
  • Have excessive grinding of teeth those results in cracking and chipping.
  • Have severe crookedness or discoloration


Lumineers are one of the most convenient, safe and effective cosmetic dental treatments. It not just helps in preventing tooth decay, but also enhances the appearance of your teeth.


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