Affordable Closet Lighting Ideas for Better Optimization of the Space

A well organized closet makes life easier and lets us accomplish our daily tasks in time eliminating the need to search from a scattered lot. As much as organization and optimization of space is important in a closet accurate lighting is equally important to make the space functional.

The lighting in a closet is important for a big walk-in closet as well as to find valuable items from a small closet space. It makes your task easier and also adds in a boutique sort of effect to your space. Add in beautiful rows of illumination to highlight your luxurious collection of clothes and bags and you have a closet that is ready to flaunt in front of your friends.

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Some closet lighting ideas

There will always be a debate on the use of LED and fluorescent light bulbs for their space and safety parameters in a closet. While fluorescent bulbs are much more affordable initially but maintenance is high; LED bulbs are stark opposite of that. Let us look some lighting fixtures that work well in a closet space:

  1. Small LED lights are safe for glass cabinets as there is minimal heat production; they are energy-efficient too.
  2. Vary the wattage of ribbon lights based on the purpose; use a medium-intensity light for a soft glow and a high-intensity light for illuminating clothes or shoes.
  3. For a better visibility of all the corners of a closet or a cabinet, place the ribbon light along the length of the closet rod.
  4. For a large closet space that needs to showcase luxurious bags and accessories; use recessed puck lighting covering the entire perimeter from the top.
  5. Use track lighting for a more flexible option; it can be easily directed to different areas of the closet as and when needed.
  6. LED adhesive strip lights do not require an electrician to install them and can be placed literally anywhere.
  7. If your closet is not just a space to get ready and store your stuff but an attractive part of your house, install a modern looking chandelier to enhance its interiors.
  8. If you are someone who prefers a whimsical feel to their personal space, string lights should be your choice.
  9. Moreover, string lights are flexible and can be arranged in endless ways, colours, and shapes to create the right kind of feel.
  10.  Your last option is to go natural; use candles to light up the closet at night and give your closet a big window that allows natural light to seep in during daytime.

Maximize the storage potential of your closet and prevent it from turning into a black room. Use affordable lights smartly for a bright and functional closet. Edge it up with different lighting fixtures to make it an attractive space that reflects upon your personality.


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