Warning Signs That You Might Need a Filing

In spite of practicing good oral health care like regular brushing, flossing, avoiding sugar and chocolates still most people suffer from tooth decay. At this point, you need to go for a dental filling. A tooth filing is a process of dental restoration which clinically removes the decaying part thereby repairing the affected tooth.

However, it is done depending on the damage. If the damage becomes severe, the dentist may also suggest a root canal and capping of the teeth. To avoid such painful situation, you must get your regular check-up done so the decay never becomes too painful. Australia is one of the countries where there are lot of cases of people suffering from dental issues.

As per the recent medical reports, owing to the busy lifestyle Australia has high gum related diseases. Prevention is always better than cure and you must consult dentist Hornsby to get regular check-up.

Tooth ache

This is one of the common signs where you need to do tooth filling. However, tooth ache develops over a period of time. At first, you will feel sensitivity to cold water, pressure while chewing food and even have sweet foods which may indicate that you need filling to be done. Finally, if you are experiencing pinching and throbbing pain while eating, chances are that you will definitely need a tooth filing.

Fractured Teeth

Cavities are the most reported cases where people go for tooth fillings. When the cavity is ignored for a longer period of time, the teeth becomes fractured. This needs urgent attention. A white composite material is being filled inside the cavity. However, after the process, you need to take utmost care of the teeth as tooth fillings slow down and reduce the chances of tooth decay and damage.

Tooth crazing

At times, you may find some craze lines appearing on the teeth. These are vertical lines appearing along the side of the cracks just beside the enamel. These appear yellowish in color and are caused by stressed and bad oral hygiene.

This can be also caused by chewing gums, grinding of hard food, smoking and having oily fast food. Not only they give a dark effect on the teeth but also damage the enamel. When this happens, you must consult a dentist and use similar color material to cover up the craze lines. This restores the beauty of the teeth and also reduces the chances of cavities.

Tooth Wear

Needless to say, when we age our teeth and enamel wears down. As wearing happens, the flat edges of the teeth darkens giving an unhealthy appearance when you smile. This happens if you use your teeth too much for grinding, over a period of time.

At times, it may also cause chipping and further damaging of the root canal of the teeth. It is advised to check with the doctor as urgently as possible to reduce any further damage.


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