Tips for Finding a New Dentist After a Move


Have you recently moved and need to find a new dentist you can trust? Fortunately, finding an affordable dentist in North Pole, AK, isn’t nearly as challenging as it may sound. Here are a few helpful tips to get you started into your search for dependable dental care today.

Ask Your Current Dentist for Referrals

Although it might sound weird to ask your current dentist for referrals, it’s a completely normal practice. Your dental office might know a few reputable dentists in the North Pole area that they can recommend you trying. Plus, they might even give you a service discount for leaving the office an amazing Google and Yelp review as an existing patient.

Review a List of Dentists That Accept Your Plan

You should give your dental insurance provider a call to see what dentists they can recommend. Usually, they can give you a list of dentists in your new area that will accept your insurance plan. This way, you can pick a few dental care options to book in-office consultations with to further your search for the perfect dentist.

Schedule a Few In-Office Consultations

If you’re looking to meet a few dentists before making your decision on who you’re going to hire, you should schedule a few in-office consultations. These free meetings are a great way to meet the staff that you’ll potentially be greeting and working with for your dental treatments. Gaining a good sense of the environment where you’ll be getting a cleaning is important for any patient, visiting the dental office before signing on as a patient is a smart step to take.

Complete Necessary New Patient Paperwork

Once you’re ready to start working with your new dentist, you’ll likely have to complete necessary new patient paperwork. This typically includes your personal information as well as dental insurance information. Fortunately, getting your paperwork processed doesn’t usually take too long, and you can soon start booking your first cleaning and begin work on your dental treatment plan.

If you’ve just moved to a new area, it’s essential to find your new dentist in North Pole, AK. It can seem intimidating to find new dental care to trust, but it’s not hard to do when you take advantage of local referrals and attend a few consultations. Hopefully, with help from this short guide today, you can have an easier time booking an initial appointment with your new dentist today.


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