4 Early Warning Signs of PTSD


Only recently has the psychological community recognized the impact that traumatic events can have on the survivors. With PTSD increasingly in the news — and more people willing to speak out and seek treatment — it’s important to recognize some of the indications that you or a loved one is suffering from PTSD. Here are some things to look for so that you can seek the “PTSD treatment near me” that could save your life.

1. Changes in the Way You Think

The effects of PTSD can occur all of a sudden, or gradually over time. One of the clearest warning signs is when you start to look at things in an entirely negative way, as if everything is pointless. For instance, you might lose interest in going to therapy or visiting a PTSD treatment facility, or you could have an overwhelming feeling that no one cares about you, or that nothing will ever work out for you. A small negative event could send you into a spiraling depression when you’re stuck in such a state.

2. Mood Swings

Sufferers of PTSD may be more likely to “snap” at someone. You could find that the smallest things set you off. Relatively minor events like someone cutting off in traffic, or being interrupted during a conversation might be all that’s necessary for you to go from being fairly happy to angry or depressed. It’s also common to find situations that once brought you joy — from playing sports, to hanging out with friends and family — as no longer pleasurable experiences.

3. Behavior Changes

Like other causes of depression, PTSD can leave you feeling listless. You may find yourself not getting out of your pajamas on days off, or putting off showering for days. Where once you may have been an outgoing person, you might now prefer to spend time alone, shutting yourself off from loved ones. When you do go out, however, you might not talk at all or avoid eye contact, making it even more difficult to engage with others.

4. Self-Medicating

One of the most dangerous behavioral changes of those suffering from PTSD is turning to drugs and alcohol to dull the pain. What may start out as drinking too much from time to time can quickly turn to leaning entirely on alcohol or opioids just to get by.

If these warning signs sound uncomfortably similar to your own experiences, it’s important that you take care of yourself and visit a PTSD treatment facilities as quickly as possible.


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