The innovation


Want to have a great day? You need to have the best night before that. While considering the perfect fit for their sleep needs, the factors that play a significant part in the users’ decisions are the comfortability and the health. Technogel, new innovative technology, provides each and every requirement in one place.

Some Perks

What is Technogel? One might wonder. Utilizing innovative comfort technology and thoughtful design, Technogel isn’t just another pillow. It’s the need of nearly every other person. Technogel is a unique patented “soft solid’ gel, joining together the possibility of a fluid with a solid’s durability.

Furthermore, the soft to the touch gel pockets stay in place, so the user doesn’t have to worry about the pillow settling in during and leaving them unsupported during the night at all. It is known as the gel mesh layer. In this modernized world, What is Technogel shouldn’t be the question? The real question that should come to mind should be what is Technogel’s advantage over other gels.

Health Benefits

Throwing light to Technogel’s Health and Wellness Feature, Technogel, a polyurethane gel, is the only plasticizer oil-free soft gel. Along with being made entirely safe for the skin non-toxic, the gel is unable to leave the gel framework, thus removing all fears of any type of allergy whatsoever. Furthermore, it is odorless, and a one of a kind certified the biocompatible product.

Better Sleep than Before

This technology also redefines the way we think about temperature and breathability. The  Temperature is maintained efficiently by the gel’s inability to trap heat and the tiny channels between the gel pockets, which keep it cool. As the scientists say, there is a very big relation between temperature and a good night’s sleep, the conductivity and solid density of Technogel can easily pull away from the extra heat produced by the body. Want to trigger deep sleep and sleep as early as possible after lying down? Technogel is the perfect place to look for as it has been scientifically proven to trigger 45% more deep sleep and takes 33% less time to sleep compared to if the regular foam is used instead.

Stress Reliever

By molding uniquely to the contours of your body, Technogel also helps maintain proper spinal alignment and alleviate pressure while allowing natural ease of movement. Unlike foams, it conforms gradually in all directions(up/down, left/right), distributing weight evenly. I assume all of these answers the big question of what is technol, and it’s benefits.


Also called the 3D comfortability, with Technogel, you can be assured that you will call every night the best night of your life. Technogel is the perfect blend of comfort and ergonomic support.


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