The Process of Getting Flawless Teeth Through Dentures

A bright smile looks good on everyone. Though people tend to get self-conscious when they face problems related to their teeth, there is no problem a dentist can’t fix! Losing teeth is one such issue, and dentures is a good substitute for your original teeth.

Dentures are artificial teeth and gums that are inserted in your mouth in either of two ways, permanently by using tooth implants or by using removable dentures. Getting dentures may sound scary, but knowledge is key. Expert Zine provides you with the best information, on the whole Process of denture so you can make the right decision.

Here are some sure shot things that you will experience while getting dentures –

  • Initial Dental Examination – Fitting you with the right dentures for that perfect smile is the first thing the dentist focuses on, and for this, they examine your teeth and gums to determine what kind of denture you require, partial or full. Looking into your past dental history and records allows dentists to avoid any health complications and plan for a safe procedure.
  • Taking Mouth Impressions – The next step for you would be to bite on a putty silicone-based tray that will help the dentist get the exact shape of your jaw and teeth. Here the dentist observes the shape, size, and positions of your teeth and adjusts everything correctly. This is important as it gives the base for the mold of your artificial teeth.
  • Getting bite measurement – Bite measurements are taken so that your teeth fit your mouth perfectly. Not having teeth can be a challenge but dentists are well equipped to tackle such situations. The only thing that needs to be on your mind is if you need any adjustments put into your dentures.
  • Creating the perfect dentures – Your teeth and jaw impressions are then sent to dental labs to get molded into the models of your artificial teeth. There are two kinds of models which are made, wax-based and metal-based. You are free to choose from any one of them for your first try out. They are done with precision and care so that they fit your teeth perfectly. After you try them on, the necessary adjustments are done and they are then used to make your dentures.
  • Try out your dentures – No fitting is done without minor issues and dental fittings aren’t an exception. To get a flawless smile without any irritation or pain some adjustments are done till you are satisfied with your dentures.

Seeing that your dentures fit you well and you are happy with the outcome, the dentist will run you through some of the ways to take care of your dentures.

Oral hygiene is important if you want your dentures to last a good while and just brushing them won’t cut it. They require specific care. You get a specific toothbrush that you should use while cleaning them. Removable dentures should be soaked in water or a specific liquid solution overnight to avoid drying out. You should brush your gums and tongue before wearing your dentures to avoid infections. Lastly, avoid dropping them at all costs. Go to your dentist straight away for any repairs needed.


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