Why Should You Consider Getting A Dental Implant?

A dental implant is a surgical procedure used by doctors to replace lost or cracked teeth. The benefit of a dental implant over a denture is that it doesn’t become loose like a denture. It also improves the overall dental health of a person. This implant tooth is affixed to the artificial teeth. Dental implants enable you to live comfortably and freely as you can.

In this article, we will look at the reasons that make dental implants a good choice.

Working of Dental Implants

Dental implants are attached to the jawbone to provide support to the artificial teeth. Mounting bridges to implants prevent it from slipping from their place. It secures dentures and individual crowns that are placed over implants.

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Signs that you need a Dental Implant

You have one or more missing teeth in your mouth

Missing teeth can lead to gaps in the mouth. These gaps can be visible at the time of speaking. This can put you into a state of embarrassment.

If you have cracked teeth

A cracked tooth is not easy to fix without using any corrective surgery. If the crack is small, your dentist will try to restructure the tooth. If it is big, then your dentist will advise you about its extraction. In its place, a new dental implant will be placed. This implant will look and function as the tooth itself.

If your dentures are becoming loose

Another reason why you would need to perform a dental implant is when you find that they are becoming loose-fitting. One of the reliable solutions, in this case, is to replace the partials and dentures with implants. People who use implants do not fear to fall off their implants.

People who do not want dentures

Dentures are prone to loose-fitting that can cause misalignment on the teeth. The loose-fitting can lead to the formation of sore marks in the mouth, and changes in facial features. In addition to it, it can even lead to problems while chewing the food.

If your bone density is reducing

Dental implants can help in the prevention of bone degradation in the person. One portion of the implant is placed in the jawbone. It serves as a synthetic tooth root that is made with the help of titanium. A dental implant procedure enhances the stimulation of the development of roots in the tooth. In this way, it halts the reduction of bone density in the mouth.

Important factors to consider when performing a dental implant

Before you perform a dental implant, there are few factors to consider such as

  • location of missing teeth or tooth
  • quality and quantity of jawbone
  • cost
  • the health of the patient
  • preference of the patient


A dental implant is a safe measure to restore decayed teeth in the oral cavity. There can be complications while performing the procedure, but it offers benefits in the long run. You should select a qualified doctor to minimize any complications.


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