Things that You Must Know About Gravity Bongs

Gravity bong can be a very good addition, if you considering to smoke and get maximum advantage of THC. In simple terms, it means that you need to inhale the smoke through a pot having water. This gives the smoker the right hit. Since this bowl helps in making the smoke concentrated you will not experience it in a joint.

Also, gravity bong wastes the minimum amount of THC. Hence, you are taking the smoking experience to a whole new level. You can make your own gravity bong, but it is suggested that you must buy for your first experience. Let us see why and how to use it:

Be careful or you could choke

Gravity bong works on the mechanism of concentrating the THC levels as it passes through water. Hence, while inhaling you should be careful and attentive. If you try to inhale like a regular smoke you can choke yourself up as enough vapour is produced to fill up your entire lungs. Therefore, start with small puffing and then increase in smaller dose, but frequent rounds.

Concentrated dosage

Gravity bong is used to make the THC levels concentrated. As the smoke passes through the liquid it adds moisture to smoke and thus makes the dosage high. You should start by inhaling small quantities.

Also, if you are using this for medical purpose, you can repeat the dosage instead of inhaling in excess. Make sure the quantity that you take to smoke should also be lesser than you have used by other methods.

Dilution with ice

There are few cases where you might find the smoke very intense. In such cases, you can add ice to water. This will dilute the smoke and you can enjoy it with less high effects.

Better in glass

Gravity bongs can be made at home as well by using plastic. Nevertheless, plastic is harmful when mixed with THC, as it releases additives from plastic into smoke. Using, a glass gives a smooth effect and also your smoke remains filtered and clean.

Avoiding tinfoil

There are some smokers who uses tin foil to filter the smoke. This is the worst practice and must be avoided at all cost. The heated foil releases aluminium into smoke and it is a heavy metal that can cause havoc in your body.

Starting with oil

You can try using hash oil instead of the general pot or leaves. The oil is of higher concentration and you will experience greater after effects.

Consider inverting

Repeated submerging can be a hassle. Instead of the regular glass ones go for inverted ones. These may be a little costly, but the process is very simple. Moreover, this is very easy to handle and use. The inverted one is actually a closed area, so that when you are done you can simply wash it and keep it in the inverted position. Since, it is totally enclosed you can also put it sideways and start again where you have left.

How to buy them

Needless to say, gravity bong is illegal and you will not find them online. However, it is easy to locate. You can get it in any smoke paraphernalia outlet.


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