Following Social Distancing Helps During this Crucial Time of Viral Pandemic

Social distancing isn’t a new term however in the recent months these two words have been given a lot of importance globally. Yes, you need to maintain social distance if you prefer to remain safe if you want to avoid falling sick due to communicable virus.

Since past few weeks, citizens of every country are in lockdown. Millions of people are working from home and even online marketing services have been stagnant for considerable time. People are asked to remain at home and use safety masks to avoid risk of coming in contact with people already infected by the life-threatening viral symptoms.

Social distancing plays a key role in spreading the contagious virus. That is the basic reason for leaders of every country appealing their citizens to maintain social distancing with their fellow beings. ‘Prevention is better than cure’ is the motto now.

Social distancing helps to combat coronavirus, the COVID 19 as it is popularly known and dreaded by every person on the planet. Many people are unaware of actual meaning of social distancing and the right ways adapted to maintain it. Thus, it is often confusing and people mistakes resulting in becoming a victim of the deadly virus.

Understand in simple terms about social distancing:

You can even call it as personal distancing or physical distancing yourself from another person. it helps in safe guarding your health from communicable diseases. You prevent the transmission of diseases, thus remain safe and healthy. It massively helps in slowing the rate of spread of sickness and finally it dies down over a period of time. It fully rescues people from the clutches of the dreadful virus.

Here are few easy to follow rules to maintain social distancing:

  • You need to avoid travelling in any kind of public commuting services. If you have already booked your tickets, it is best to cancel them immediately and postpone your travel until the pandemic period subsides.
  • Don’t take part in any event or even in small social gatherings. You can contact your invites or party host through phone and apologize. Everyone is sure to understand in the crucial time of pandemics.
  • Don’t try to go out of home till it is quite essential like buying groceries or need to visit pharmaceutical shops. In these crucial weeks while the viral pandemic is threatening every one, who is out in the public space, staying at home seems to be the best protecting aid.
  • You need to cover your mouth while moving out of your home. You can even wear special face masks covering your mouth and nose all the time at home as well. This helps to avoid the cough particles from the affected person directly entering your nasal cavity or mouth.

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