What It’s Like Getting a Dental Implant

Are you considering getting a dental implant? This can be for any number of reasons from a completely missing tooth, or a tooth that has been chipped, or broken beyond repair. Contact the dental implant center in South Jersey to explore your options. For many, the thought of going through the dental implant surgery can be very unsettling. However, the procedure is common. It doesn’t have to be a point of stress, if you know a little bit more about what to expect. Here is some information on what it’s like getting a dental implant.

What is the Dental Implant Made Of?

Dental implants are becoming very common as a leading option for those missing one or more teeth.The implant is typically made of titanium. During the surgery, parts that look like screws are placed into your jawbone. These are meant to function like the root of your tooth functions on your natural teeth.

Does Getting Dental Implants Hurt?

The procedure of getting dental implants is a surgery. As is the case with any surgery, you must expect some discomfort. To lessen the amount of discomfort felt, an oral sedation IV and local anesthesia can both be administered, or one or the other. Dental implant surgery is usually performed in stages, if mouth restoration is needed. After stage one, of the first procedure, most all patients are relatively comfortable. Following any of the procedures where pain may occur, your doctor can prescribe you the proper medications to help with this.

How Long is the Dental Implanting Process?

How long the dental implanting process takes can range from one to two hours, to seven to nine months, from start to finish.

This depends on a few factors:

  • How healthy are your teeth?
  • The location of the teeth being replaced.
  • Will there be a tooth extraction?
  • The number of teeth involved in the process.

Factors, such as these, will be a major deciding factor for how many visits, or stages, will be required, from start to finish, to complete your dental implant process. For example, if you only have one tooth that needs implanting, then this can usually only take an hour or two, to completely finish the process.

However, if you need a mouth restoration, along with your implant, then this is usually done in two stages, of which the total process of completion can take seven to nine months.

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