Ketamine Treatment – How it is Effective in Treating Depression

Many therapies have been introduced and used to cure mental illness like depression, stress and anxiety. These therapies take a long time to be effective. Some medications are harmful to health even then people continue to consume them as there isn’t any alternative therapy to give them new hope to eliminate mental illness from their life forever.

Fortunately, new development in the medical science has led to find effective therapies working quite fast for having relief from mental illness. One such therapy is Ketamine.

What exactly is Ketamine and how it is effective to treat depression symptoms?

Ketmaine in early years like in 60s was used to have relief from muscle pain. Later on it was used as a ‘club drug’ or drug to make your mind to be at ease. Later on, Ketamine as a medicine was mainly used for making people unconsciousness. Then it was realised that if used more than the prescribed amount, it can become an abused drug living the person in tranquilizing or ecstasy state. That led to research over Ketamine as a prescribed medicine to cure the symptoms of depression. It proved to be a fast-paced medication and has minimal side effects if its dosage is taken in the prescribed amount.

Here are the facts making Ketamine as an effective treatment for depression:

  • Ketamine is generally induced in the patient’s body by injecting the solution or by intravenous (IV) line. Hence, it directly affects the brain receptors that control the functions and mind of a person.
  • It is proving to be the best possible way to cure the mental health issues of people thinking of ending their life due to depression and stress.
  • People suffering from sleep disturbance issues are able to have restful sleep after having the prescribed proportion of Ketamine.
  • The best part is that it doesn’t affect, the person’s blood pressure level compared to other anaesthetics that are known to create fluctuation in the level of patient’s blood pressure.

There is no doubt on the fast-paced effect of Ketamine dose to eliminate depression. In some patients, the positive effects have been realised within minutes of injecting Ketamine.

How it happens to make the patient realise its good effects quite soon?

Actually, Ketamine has direct contact with brain receptors. It may increase the level of serotonin, thus the person is able to have good sleep and slowly the clogging of mind with adverse thoughts erases. The person is able to lead good focused life without using any anti depressant medicines.

However, expert Ketamine treating physicians advise their patients to not repeatedly use Ketamine as it may have adverse effect on their general health. It might cause dizziness, vomiting sensation and drowsiness that can affect your productiveness during day time.

For safe Ketamine treatment fix appointment with the right medical professional. To know more about Ketamine therapy and how it is used in treatment log on to If you are living in Arlington or in Richmond, just contact the best Ketamine treatment providers to cure your depression.


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