Five Very Common Reasons for Alcoholism

Most of you must be aware of alcoholism and what it is all about, but do you know how this problem begins?

How a person who initially starts with occasional drinking will eventually turn into a full-blown alcohol addict? The answer is however not so simple unfortunately.

The reason for alcoholism is in fact a combination of genetic, environmental, psychological and social factors that needs alcohol treatment Minnesota. More risk factors any person exhibits, more likely they will turn into an alcoholic.

Sometimes all those risk factors can be entirely out of control of the person. Let us try to discuss some of them in this article.

     1. Stressful environments

It is not necessary that every person who turns to alcohol for relieving from stress becomes addicted however some people do. If any person has very stressful job for instance, then there is more possibility that the person will drink heavily.

Often, this is the case with few occupations like nurses and doctors, as their day-to-day activities can make their lives extremely stressful.

For reducing this risk factor, they try to take time for de-stressing with healthy methods either by reading a good book, taking a nap or exercising.

Among the high school students, 8 percent of them have reported indulging in binge drinking and end up vomiting. About 12 percent students have reported to have participated in drinking game along with their peers.

     2. Drinking at a very early age

As per the Mayo Clinic, people who start drinking at a very early age will more likely to be a victim of alcohol problem or physical dependence on the alcohol as they grow old.

For such people not only drinking will become a very comfortable habit, but they also develop body’s tolerance level for alcohol.

     3. Mental health problems similar to depression

Depression, anxiety, bipolar disorder or any other mental health problems can increase the risk of alcoholism. When a person feels anxious or is depressed then it is very easy for them to turn towards alcohol.

Due to alcohol effects, there may seem be temporary ease of those feelings. Therefore, it leads to drinking again and again and finally it creates alcohol addiction.

     4. Taking alcohol with certain medicine

Certain medicines can also increase toxic effects of alcohol in our body. If a person takes alcohol along with their medications continually, they will become addicted to the effects that follow.

Few of the effects can be too dangerous and also life-threatening.

     5. Family history

In case any of your parents or any other relative is an alcoholic, then your risk of turning into alcoholic automatically increases. Partly this is because of genetics and also because of the environment you are exposed to.

If you spend time with people who are heavy drinkers or abuse alcohol then it can influence you too.

Multiple factors may play a role for a person to become an alcoholic. While all of the above may directly not be considered the “causes” of alcoholism, they may play certain role in developing it.


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