5 Things All Mistresses in France Should know

There are some things that you need to know as a mistress. You could be struggling because you have not accepted some of the principles that mistresses apply in life. Having this knowledge will help you to take your rightful position in the life of a married man.

  1. He Will Sleep With Both His Wife and You

Most men will clearly tell you this but let no one cheat you that it is a temporary thing in the transition phase. This behavior will continue for as long as he is alive. The man will do all that he can to have peace in his home. It is a complicated situation and he has to find the best way to manage both of you.

  1. However Great You May Be, He Will Still Love His Wife

Even if you are so perfect in bed and the best new friend to him, he has a mother of his kids. The history and bond is like cement especially is the woman is loyal and still loves the husband. The woman controls the mood in their home and all the happiness of his children. The man will not risk disrupting the development of his children as they are a proud achievement to him.

  1. He Will Not Make You His Priority

The man will try to squeeze you in between the precious moments he has with his family and his work agenda so that you can feel a bit important. He will give you some sexy texts, make charming calls, expensive dinners out, cards, token gifts, and I love you statements that will keep you in tow for several months. It may make you to forget that you are just a sideline in his life and there is a core. He can even get you the best house in town to help him get the best from these two worlds. I have seen some women relocating their careers thinking that he has full commitment to them. Remember you may not have any right to anything is his life.

  1. You Will Spend the Holidays Alone

Unless you have a social network of family and friends or you are busy with your career, you will feel lonely as he spends holidays with this family. It can be a frustrating feeling especially during long holidays like Easter or Christmas. He will send you consumable and untraceable gifts in the lien of the real time you should be sending together. It will remind you that you are not anything more than a secret. When you welcome him back, you may try all you can to make him feel what missed when he was back home. He will try to display how much he is in love with you even from a distance but remember he will go back to his wife during the next holiday.

  1. You Will Hide Your Life From Family and Friends

It will become so hard to lie to your family and friends about your dating life. Most of the escort femdom in France resort to avoiding interactions with people who are close to them. Some of them will ask you why you are still single yet you are a cute girl. Some may tell you that you are too picky that is why you haven’t met anyone. It can be shameful to tell them that you have a married man. However, you have his secrets, passwords, credit card numbers and even keys. However, life is about taking risks and there comes a time when you need to mind your business.


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