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Gastric Sleeve in Tijuana Mexico

jim-baIt’s common to find people who have worked hard to lose weight through a variety of diets and exercise routines only to find that the weight loss they achieved wasn’t permanent. What’s worse is if they even gained weight in the end.

Losing weight, especially if you’re over weight or obese, is important not only for aesthetic purposes, but for health reasons. Excessive weight has been the underlying cause of many illnesses and diseases, such as stroke, heart failure, and diabetes to name a few.

Loosing weight permanently requires determination and a change in lifestyle. Unfortunately, there are those who aren’t able to meet those demands. However, there is still a way to achieve the desired results. One of these is through Bariatric Surgery.

Bariatric surgery is a common weight loss alternative. The only problem is that the procedure can be costly. Some insurance providers don’t even cover these costs. Even if your insurance company does cover the cost, there is a chance that you’ll need to undergo a long process before you can get a schedule.

If you really want to undergo Bariatric Surgery but simply can’t afford the costs in the United States, all you’ll need to do is to cross the US-Mexico border into Tijuana, and we at MEDAC Medical Center have the perfect solution. Our prices for this procedure are a fraction of what it would cost in the US. You also won’t have to wait long for a schedule.

surgeonsWhen you visit us, the surgeon will first discuss the procedure with you in order to make sure you understand what’s going to happen and you know what to expect. Once the surgery is completed, you’ll need some time to recover. During this time, you’ll be given a new diet. You’ll need to stick to the diet for the procedure to have the maximum effect.

When you get back home, you’ll start living a new life. You shouldn’t have any problems adjusting to the new diet since your body will not be capable of accepting more than it can. In essence, you’ll be on your way to achieving a better appearance and a healthy body as well.

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Gastric Sleeve Surgery, also referred to as a Vertical Sleeve Gastrectomy is a surgical procedure that aims to reduce stomach volume by as much as 85%. This procedure is performed through laparoscopic surgery therefore requiring only three small incisions. The procedure involves sewing one part of the stomach in order to separate the main pouch. Once the pouch is removed, the rest of the stomach forms a sleeve or tube (see diagram).

For several days after the surgery, the patient will be given a diet of pureed or creamed foods. The patient will only be able to return to a regular diet in normally around 7 weeks.

Why is Gastric Sleeve Surgery Performed?

surgery3Gastric surgery is commonly performed on obese patients who are not able to reduce their body weight through regular means such as diet and exercises. Although there are other surgical methods to achieve the same results, gastric sleeve surgery does have noticeable advantages such as:

• Scarring is reduced due to laparoscopic surgery.
• Is less invasive than a gastric bypass surgery
• The intestinal tract will not be altered
• No foreign devices are placed inside the body, unlike the lap band procedure
• There is no risk of “dumping syndrome”.
• 65% weight loss can be achieved in a single year
• Should the required weight loss percentage not be achieved, the patient can undergo gastric bypass surgery.
• Immediate reduction of blood pressure and sugar levels
• Metabolic functions remain intact

How it Works

how-it-worksSince gastric sleeve surgery drastically reduces the amount of food the stomach can process at a time, the patient will not be able to eat huge amounts. However, small meals need to be consumed every 3 hours. By eating less but more frequently, the patient loses weight healthily in a relatively small amount of time.

However, another cause of weight loss is that the loss of appetite. By removing the main part of the stomach, fewer hormones known as “Ghrelin” is produced. Ghrelin are the hormones responsible for sending hunger signals to the brain. As the brain receives fewer of these signals, the patient no longer feels hunger.

The main advantage of gastric sleeve surgery over dieting is that in a diet, you will continuously be fighting the urge to eat; this is because the stomach keeps on sending hunger signals to the brain. This is also the reason why many people may lose a certain amount of weight while dieting, but once the diet is over, the person is bound to eating the same amount of food before the diet was started. In some cases, more food is consumed to compensate for the time that the body was placed on a diet. As a result, weight loss through dieting is often not permanent, unlike weight loss through gastric sleeve surgery.

Facts concerning Ghrelin

In 1999, Japanese scientists discovered the ghrelin hormones. Later on, it was confirmed by American researchers that these hormones were directly responsible for driving appetite. To date, ghrelin is known as the only hormone that produces this effect.

In 2009, CBS did a documentary about the ghrelin hormone during one of their 60 Minutes episodes. On that episode, they recalled the experience of a certain Jim Rudolph who had initially weighed 460 lbs, but was able to reduce that by 190 lbs after a gastric reduction surgery. Although a drastic stomach reduction played a big role in his weight loss, it was then determined that loss of appetite was another factor.

Rudolph mentioned that he no longer felt the urge to eat large amounts of food. This was because the body was no longer producing the ghrelin hormones that enter into the blood stream and informs the brain that the body needs to eat.

Another surprising fact about ghrelin is that the level of these hormones actually increases when a person goes on a diet. Naturally, with more of these hormones present in the blood stream, the dieter will continuously experience the feeling of hunger. This is the reason why diets often fail and the dieter quickly regains any lost weight.

With gastric sleeve surgery, the patient will be able to lose weight permanently due to the reduction of the stomach’s capacity and less production of the ghrelin hormones that are directly responsible for increasing appetite.

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