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Why Getting Dental Implants in Tijuana, Mexico is always a great idea

It’s never easy to lose a tooth, more so a series of teeth. Not only does it drastically reduce your self-confidence, it also causes more oral issues. A missing tooth can already affect your bite or chewing. It can also lead to TMJ, which is a very painful jaw bone condition. Worse, even if the tooth is already removed but the damaged root remains, it can still affect the remaining healthy teeth, further deteriorating them.

Fortunately there are already a lot of ways on how to get your “teeth” back. These include having a bridge, which is usually placed in between adjacent existing teeth or a crown. Both of these can also save any partially damaged tooth, so you don’t have to lose it at all. Of course, there are dentures, which is one of your cheapest options. To make sure these crowns, dentures, and bridges are kept in their rightful places, though, you need to pair them with dental implants.

What Are They?

Dental implants act as substitutes to the root of your teeth. It’s very important that these artificial teeth do not move once they are attached into the mouth. Otherwise, biting will never be corrected, and the other teeth will keep on adjusting themselves depending on the new tooth’s movement. Implants also ensure the longevity of the dentures, crowns, and bridges.

How Does It Work?

Dental implants can be added to a single or a series of newly implanted teeth. If it’s just a tooth, it needs an abutment, which shall act as its connection to the prosthesis. Most of the implants these days are made from titanium, so they are truly very strong and durable and can fully support the prosthesis.

There are also two common ways on how the implant is attached. One is through endosteal method, which means the implant is screwed directly into the jawbone, making the prosthesis look as natural as possible. However, sometimes the jawbone doesn’t have sufficient height, so a metal framework will have to be attached to the jaw before the implant can be placed.

What’s the Success Rate?

The implants have a very high success rate. They already follow a process known as osseo-integration wherein the implant can naturally mesh with the rest of the bone, as if it’s already part of your body. This greatly reduces the chances of infection since the body is generally designed to attack and reject any non-foreign substance. This also lessens other harmful reactions to the procedure.

Needless to say, the overall success of the dental implants depends on two people: your dentist and you. Find a dentist in Tijuana that is a dental implant specialist. He just doesn’t have the experience and expertise but also the right credentials to do it. Sam Dental currently has one highly skilled specialist who does the job by appointment. No one else can perform it.

As for you, even if the implant has been successfully attached, you should properly keep track of your own health and report immediately any problem you may have after the procedure.

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