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Why Cosmetic Dentistry in Tijuana, Mexico is so Popular to US Patients

Cosmetic industry is a very in-demand service, especially in the United States. In one of the surveys conducted, it revealed that almost all the respondents believed that a smile can help increase their attractiveness to the opposite sex while over 70% perceived that a beautiful smile can help them land good jobs and become more successful in life.

Simply put, a smile can make a huge impact in any person’s life.

However, not all have the picture-perfect teeth like Julia Roberts. Moreover, as we grow older or as we neglect taking care of our oral health very well, we can gradually lose the ability to smile more gorgeously as our teeth become stained, uneven, cracked, chipped, and sometimes inflamed and infected.

This is where cosmetic dentistry comes in. It’s basically a treatment with the main objective of restoring, repairing, or improving the condition of the teeth, first, for aesthetics, then for function. With cosmetic dentistry, patients can:

• Get rid of the stains of the teeth and bring back their shine and whiteness
• Enhance their bite
• Seal the gap in between teeth
• Prevent the further development of cavities
• Make the teeth more even
• Prevent continuous chipping and cracking of the enamel
• Avoid missing teeth

Kinds of Services

Cosmetic dentistry includes a variety of services. One of the most common ones is teeth whitening or bleaching. As its name suggests, the process involved getting back the natural sheen of the teeth, making them whiter. Food, smoking, and plaque buildup are just some of the typical reasons why teeth can become yellow or stained. With the use of dental-approved bleach, however, such discoloration can go away. Although we already have home kits for teeth bleaching, working with a dentist is still the preferred option since he can include a more comprehensive examination during the treatment.

You also have veneers, which are very thin layers of material that are directly applied into the teeth. They are the “quick” way of getting your teeth whitened, but they’re normally recommended when bleaching doesn’t seem to work anymore. They can also be used to close any gap or add more protection to the teeth, especially when the enamel has already been stripped.

Sometimes even if the teeth appear healthy, they still don’t look good cosmetically. For example, does your molar look like fangs (as if you’re taken straight out of Twilight and other horror-oriented films) or a tooth appears significantly larger or taller than the others? Dentists can simply perform some reshaping including filing. This procedure may also be necessary when you want dentures, crowns, and bridges attached.

Speaking of dentures, crowns, and bridges, these three can also be considered cosmetic procedures, since they are usually attached when teeth are missing. Dentures are the cheapest among them all, though sometimes they have the tendency to become loose. Crowns and bridges, therefore, have become popular more secure alternatives to dentures.

Don’t wait until you’ve lost all your ability to smile before you try cosmetic dentistry. Talk to your dentist today and ask how you can improve yours.

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