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Understanding Implant-Supported Dentures

Usually when a person loses a tooth but wants to have something in place, he chooses dentures. These are prostheses that are attached directly to the gums. Before, dentures look quite different from the rest of the teeth based on color and texture. Thus, they were quite easy to spot. However, as time passed and as technologies improved, we can already see better-looking dentures, and it becomes harder to tell the difference.

Dentures are affordable and are usually easy to make and attach. However, they can also be prone to becoming loose. It can happen when the placement of it is wrong or when the gum it’s attached to is no longer durable. Perhaps it’s already damaged. Either way, the dentures also don’t last for a long time. Thus, sometimes implants with dentures are the better option.

What Are Implant-supported Dentures?

These are still dentures. The only difference between these and the regular ones, the dentures attached to the gums, is that the former make use of implants, which are usually made of titanium. They are directly attached to the jaw. Then an abutment connects them to the denture. This works only when there’s no more tooth left but there’s still bone in the jaw. The implants, after all, still have to be anchored to something. This type of support is usually provided to the lower jaw only since it’s the one that requires more stability.

How Long Does It Take?

You don’t get implant-supported dentures right away. As a matter of fact, not everyone is allowed to get one. But to know this, you need to undergo an initial assessment. At this point, the dentist shall check on your teeth, identify the overall health condition, spot issues, and then give you the game plan. It’s possible that before you can even go through the intensive process, other types of work will be performed such as teeth shaping in order to ensure that the implant and the dentures can fit perfectly in the mouth.

The dentist performs many different tests including X-rays so he or she can see the actual condition of the teeth and even of the nerves. If the dental-supported denture is a go, then he or she is going to get an impression from you. This means that he or she has to create a mold for the dentures, if you don’t have them yet. The dentures are quick to do, and it’s common among dentists these days to attach them as soon as they’re done. They can work as temporary dentures, while waiting for the final one with the implant, or they can be your final dentures, which is nice if you’re cutting down costs.

The entire process can take a couple of months depending on your availability, healing process, and other factors. The dentists would have to wait for the implant to be properly integrated into the bone before the other steps can be done.

Implants with dentures can be expensive, but Tijuana dental clinics can offer the same service commonly at more than half the U.S. price.

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