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Tijuana dentist reviews – Sam Dental patient Fred C. from San Francisco

I have been coming to the dentist in Mexico, Sam Dental in Tijuana, for a couple of years now. I wanted to submit a review of my experiences, and to give my wholehearted recommendation of this dental clinic in Tijuana. I have been very happy with the level of service I have received, as well as the professionalism of the dentists in Mexico. Because the prices of dentistry in the US are so outlandish, I haven’t been able to afford getting my teeth fixed. The result is that when I came to the dentist in Tijuana, my mouth had been sadly neglected for many years. By the time I got to my Mexico dentist, I had major dental problems. A US dentist had given me an estimate of over 28,000. When I mentioned that I am now retired, and on a fixed income, the American dentist told me that I should consider getting a mortgage on my house! Fortunately, I found Sam Dental on the internet. When I called, and asked a ton of questions, the young man who I talked to, Jim, was very thorough in answering all my questions, and was able to give me a good estimate of what the cost of dentistry in Mexico would be. Because I could tell that Jim was an American, it gave me a little more confidence to know that an American would be involved in helping me when at the Mexico dentist office. At Sam dental they arranged everything. Someone met me at the San Diego Airport, and took me to the Tijuana dentist office. They also arranged my hotel, and transportation back and forth from the Tijuana dentist clinic. My Mexico dentist, Dr Aylema Rodriguez, was very good. I could tell she really knew her stuff. She was very gentle and did not cause me any discomfort. Sam Dental is a very clean, and modern dental office. I was impressed with how sterile everything appeared. People had warned me about going to a dentist in Mexico, and all I can say that they are ignorant, and have lost out on a lot of savings by listening to false rumors about dentists in Mexico. Also, the best thing is the price of dentistry in Mexico. The initial work, that the US dentist quoted me $28k for, only ended up costing me $7500. My teeth are all fixed, my smile looks great, and I couldn’t be happier. I highly recommend Sam Dental in Tijuana, Mexico.

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