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Root Canals in Tijuana

InflamedThe healthy mouth is one that has good gums as well as full and sturdy teeth. And this is achieved with proper hygiene and maintenance of dental and oral health. But there are times when stuff found inside the walls of the teeth get damaged, either because of tooth decay, bad hygiene, or simply because of old age. This could possibly result to many kinds of infections, leaving the patient with either getting the teeth extracted or a root canal.

Root canal is the term used to refer to a dental procedure where the pulp is removed and the conduits within are cleaned out to remove all sources of infection such as pus that may build up inside. Bacteria inside the area are killed with medication. Once the procedure is done, the tooth is sealed so that no more bacteria can get in, saving the tooth from infection and protecting it from any more possible infection in the future.

The procedure will take time, composed of various sessions, with the dentist giving your tooth a temporary filling each time you’re done for the day. Once it’s finally over, the filling is made permanent. The tooth will also be reinforced with a post and capped with a crown.

At the end of the root canal, everything that once composed the inside of your tooth such as the pulp, the blood vessels, and nerves, are removed. This means that your tooth is actually hollowed out, so the filling can be put in.

As mentioned before, root canals take time, especially when there’s an infection involved, which is usually the case. Each session will last around an hour or so, but you’ll have to visit the dentist again before the tooth is finally sealed up.

Root canals require the use of a crown to ensure that the tooth is stable, especially given that the pulp is removed. The crown is also necessary to make sure the tooth is protected. Remember that when the tooth is broken, it will have to be removed. A crown will at least prevent that from happening.

But don’t worry about the various procedures you’ll have to go through. When you get your root canals in Tijuana, Mexico, you get competitive quality service at very affordable rates. The place is very accessible from many places in the US, so it’s really easy to get there. All the dentists who will work with you are certified and licensed to administer the procedures, so there’s no worry at all.

Lots of people ask if root canals are painful, but this depends on the patient, since pain is relative. Most patients however, have shown through their own experiences that root canals are mostly safe and tolerable. Rarely do patients experience discomfort or pain, and in these instances, having them for more than a week is rarer.

But aside from that, you don’t have to worry about anything else. This is because root canals in Tijuana, Mexico are much cheaper compared to those given in the US, and the dentists here are just as good, if not better at them. That’s why root canals are so popular here.

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