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Implants vs. Dental Bridges: Which is Better?

images3Having an incomplete set of teeth is never pretty, and we’re not just talking about looks. Aside from the apparent aesthetic disadvantages, missing teeth, when not remedied, can be a source of medical complications or the damaging of even more teeth. It’s also a source of lifestyle inconveniences such as being unable to eat or talk properly.

But it happens. Nowadays, many people between the ages 30 to 40 years old are already losing their permanent teeth for many reasons and, if untreated, could only get worse as they age. It helps to know what could be done about it.

Back then, the economical solution was getting dental bridges. But now, dental implants have become an alternative that’s suggested by many dental experts in Tijuana, Mexico. Both are viable choices, actually, so there shouldn’t be any worry as far as quality and affordability is concerned. Those who need them at an affordable cost can trust getting their implants or bridges in Tijuana, Mexico, especially when the dental clinics in their own towns are already too expensive to be practical.

Choosing between the two, then, is a matter of preference. Dental implants are essentially more permanent alternatives of the more adjustable counterpart. There are others, however, who prefer the dental bridges for many reasons.

Dental implants tend to be more independent in acting as a replacement for each missing tooth, compared to bridges that require the other natural teeth to support it. This also means that implants can be used to replace more than just one missing tooth easily. They will look and feel like your natural teeth, and people won’t be able to tell that you have them.

Dental bridges, on the other hand, tend to be less invasive and simpler to apply. They don’t apply a procedure as long as that of implants, which means they are a lot cheaper too. Bridges will be ideal for jaw bone loss as well.

So most experts, even in Tijuana, Mexico, will recommend implants as the better solution. But the fact that the procedure calls for the right professional and that the success rate is pegged at somewhere a little above 90%, it does seem a little daunting (even if 90% is already an incredible chance).

So if you’re still a bit worried about what implants could do to you, then you might want to go for the dental bridges. Go ahead and ask your dentist in Tijuana, Mexico, about which approach is best for your situation.

All of the dentists that will be working are licensed professionals that are certified to be able to perform dental implants or dental bridges, respectively. Rest assured that you will get the best prices at a quality that will leave you satisfied.

Don’t wait before you start losing your teeth and start suffering the consequences, try getting the dental services in Tijuana, Mexico, and all you questions about these two procedures will be answered. Remember that every case is different, so you have to be sure which of the two is right for you.

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