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Everything you Need to Know about Veneers

dental-veneersNowadays dentistry has gone beyond necessary procedures to something with more aesthetic value. Hence, we have what is now known as cosmetic dentistry, a practice that aims to encourage people to have much better smiles with more beautiful and enhances teeth in terms of appearance.

Those who are familiar with cosmetic dentistry will have heard of the veneers. These are thin materials that are attached to the top of the tooth to give it a better appearance, although they can also provide protection to the tooth’s surface. These veneers are made of different materials, but they are usually those that are not only safe for the patient’s mouth, but can withstand anything that goes on in there as well.

But most dental veneers in Tijuana, Mexico are usually made of two materials, namely the dental porcelain and composite resins. Composite veneers are very popular for both the medical and cosmetic dentistry purposes because they’re quite useful for many purposes and are generally safe. But for those who want something that looks a bit more natural around teeth, porcelain should do the trick.

As far as licensing goes, you can’t just go to a general dentist for these veneers. Fortunately, our dental services here in Tijuana, Mexico, guarantee the best and most qualified cosmetic dentists. They’re there to help you through the process and won’t overprice you for their services.

These experts will also guide you whether you can have veneers or not. In rare cases, using veneers won’t be good for the patient, and they might be better off with crowns instead.

Many people wonder if veneers affect the “feel” around your tooth, but most who have had them attest that it’s as if they’re not there. Veneers are so thin that you won’t really feel them after a while (although you might feel a bit different right after the procedure, which is normal).

The aesthetic effects of veneers vary depending on how the patients want it. Sometimes veneers are designed to blend in with the teeth, which is great if you want to cover up those slight imperfections on your teeth such as gaps of certain cases where the teeth are misaligned. But there are those who want their teeth to stand out a little bit more, so they add some colored veneers, usually uniformly applied across the teeth. They can also be used to change the physical shape of the teeth, such as to lengthen them.

Procedures don’t really take long, although they vary depending on the number of teeth you want to have veneers with.

What’s so good about getting your veneers in Tijuana, Mexico is that you won’t have them as expensive. That way, you can enjoy making your teeth look good (and even change them if you feel like it) without being too hard on your budget. You can save as much as 75% when you get your veneers from Tijuana, Mexico, and you won’t have to worry too much about travel expense because it’s easy to get here from almost any US city.

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