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Dental Implants FAQ

Frequently Asked Questions Regarding Dental Implants and Related Procedures

Dental implants are becoming a popular option for people who have lost some of their teeth yet do not want to deal with the hassle and inconvenience of dentures. For centuries, dentures have been the only choice for people who have lost their teeth—these prosthetic devices should be removed for cleaning every so often and can be made of material that does not feel natural inside the mouth.

Dental implants are a groundbreaking option for replacing lost teeth, but many people are still scared of it. Here are some frequently asked questions about dental implants, answered.

I want dental implants. What should I do first?
The first step toward getting dental implants is a consultation with a qualified dentist. This is done to ensure that you are a good candidate for the procedure. The initial consultation session will usually entail an x-ray to determine if the patient’s jaw has enough bone to support the implant.

What if I don’t pass the initial consultation?
If you do not have enough bone in your jaw to support dental implants, then you can explore the option of getting bone grafts. However, there might be some other medical conditions that can disqualify you—aside from the insufficiency of your jaw bone. Patients with hypertension and diabetes might not be ideal candidates for dental implants, and would probably need clearance from a medical professional before getting this tooth replacement option. To find out if you are a good candidate for dental implants, book an appointment with EG Dental today.

What are dental implants made of?
Dental implants are typically made of titanium, which means that they can last for a long time, especially if you take care of them properly. Another material often used for dental implants is ceramic. Many dental professionals recommend these two materials because they promote better osseo integration compared to other implants.

In the past—around four thousand years ago—the Chinese used bamboo for their dental implants. Sadly, dental implants made from other types of metals cause foreign body reactions in patients.

How do these dental implants work?
There are different types of implants, and our dentists will recommend the best kind for you after a consultation and extensive examination of your mouth and teeth. In the case of dental implants for fixed dentures and single tooth replacement, the implant will be drilled directly into the bone. Titanium and ceramic are known to fuse with existing bone, and these materials do not cause adverse reactions in the patient. Then, the dentist will fix a natural-looking tooth replacement on the implant, which would function very much like natural teeth.

What can I get from dental implants?
With dental implants, you do not have to ever worry about dentures falling out. Dental implants are also known to be helpful in the prevention of gum recession and bone loss, and can improve the speech of the patient. Plus, high quality dental implants often last longer than regular dentures, and can withstand various situations and temperatures inside the mouth.

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