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Dental Crown and Dental Bridges

Dental crowns are a common tool for dealing with missing teeth – a problem that many people are experiencing or will be getting as they grow old. Unfortunately, dental costs are rising in the U.S., and not everybody has the insurance to be able to defray these costs.

But thanks to good dental services in Tijuana, Mexico, you don’t have to pay too much for your dental crown and dental bridges.

Dental crowns are prosthetic teeth that are more or less fixed and usually complemented with other dental treatments, such as dental bridges or dental implants. There are many kinds of dental crowns, but they are normally recommended based on what the dentist thinks is best for their patient. Thankfully, you’ll get really good advice from experts on the dental crown and dental bridges in Tijuana, Mexico.

There are many reasons why you should get a dental crown:

– Your tooth might be starting to decay, and therefore needs to be treated immediately;
– Your teeth might be chipping, which is natural in some cases;
– In some cases, when you don’t get good dental service, the implant or tooth replacement might have been poorly done, making the replacement look unnatural. The dental crown will help fill the gaps;
– You might also need to get a bridge. Dental crown and dental bridges in Tijuana, Mexico, are great with using these two together. Bridges will require adjacent teeth, and crowns can be used to fill the gaps where they should be for the bridge to work;
– Or you simple want to give your teeth a renewed look. Crowns look just like real teeth, except that they’re always in their perfect condition. It’s a good investment to your smile.

But more than looking good, crowns will help improve how you use your teeth. You can chew food better, solve speech impairment concerns, and even prevent future complications resulting from gapped teeth.

There are different kinds of dental crowns, and it’s nice to know them so you could make a better choice:

The standard dental crowns are made of porcelain. They look natural, feel comfortable, and are durable. On the other hand, zirconium is currently the best material used on dental crowns nowadays. Stronger than steel, this will certainly give you a strong bite. They can, however, be a bit more expensive than the standard crown, and will take longer to finish the procedure. There are also hybrids between the standard and zirconium varieties.

Remember that crowns will last for about 15 to 20 years, so don’t forget to maintain or replace them. It also helps to visit the dentist once or twice per year just to check if the crowns and bridges are doing ok.

Because the professionals here are certified and licensed, getting your dental crowns and dental bridges in Tijuana, Mexico will be easy when you ask for their advice. They are more than ready to assist you in assessing your teeth’s needs, while providing all the possible options at their most affordable prices.

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