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Dental Care: Price Difference between Tijuana and USA

It is a fact that one of the main reasons why patients go to Tijuana for dental care is price. But how huge is the difference?

Huge Discounts

To be clear, although it is common among dental clinics to offer discounts through promos to their patients and would-be clients, these do not happen all the time. However, that is still perfectly all right since you can get another “discount” in terms of how low the dental prices in Tijuana are. You can save as much 50% to 70% from that of the average U.S. fee. For example, a simple wisdom tooth extraction can cost $325. If you go to Tijuana, it will only be around $125. How about the more expensive services? A zirconium ceramic crown may be close to $1,500 in the United States, but it is only about $475 when you are in Tijuana.

These savings are gravely important especially if you are taking advantage of many services. For example, you may no longer have a couple of teeth, and what you need are several dental implants and crowns. Do not be surprised if you all end up spending around $15,000 to $20,000. In Tijuana, you may reduce your total expenses for the treatment to $5,000 or even more.


You may say, “Whatever savings you get will only be eaten by travel.” That may be true—simply because many decide to stay overnight or even a couple of days or the weekend in Tijuana. This means they spend for tourism and not just for the treatment alone. They can already go to the beach in Rosarito or taste the delicious authentic Mexican food. They can even have a quick tour on some of the best spots in Baja, California. A lot of patients do take the opportunity to be in Tijuana and experience its culture, landmarks, food, and everything else. Accommodation options can be as low as $50, and even then, they can get discounts as dental clinics like Sam Dental have partnered with some of them.

Now if you do not desire any of these, that is still totally fine. Tijuana is only a few minutes away from the U.S. border and is very close to San Diego, California. It is normal for patients to leave their car parked in the U.S. soil, go through customs, and then have themselves picked up by our service can in a comfortable and safe location. We even have clients who just flow in—that is, upon arrival from the San Diego Airport, we then picked them up, send them to the clinic, and then after the treatment, they go back to their state. Our pickup fee from the airport is only $60.

Professional Services

When you are in Tijuana, you can save as well as enjoy good value for money. But that’s not all. Professional service still remains topnotch; clinics hire only board-certified and experienced dental experts to do the job. Their skills are comparable to or even better than many U.S. dentists.

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