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Compelling Reasons why Tijuana Dental Tourism is so Popular

Kevin Smith just went out for his final dental implant visit. He has been in the clinic thrice. The first time he was merely for consultation. The second time, the clinic needed his impressions for his crown. The third time, the crown and the implant needed to be added. Overall, he spent about 6 hours in the clinic, but he actually stayed in Tijuana for a week.

Kevin is not an isolated case. We have hundreds of patients who spend more time in Tijuana, and it is not because we are compelling them too. They simply enjoy the city, that is why.

We have seen a rise of patients from the United States coming over to Tijuana for dental treatments and consultations. For this influx, we call it dental tourism. One may be curious as to the reasons why, so we are going to enumerate them:


One of the foremost reasons why they decide to cross the border is the affordability of dental treatments in Tijuana than in the United States. Clinics can offer as much as 70% cheaper price than that of the United States, and we do not even have to scrimp on quality and resources for that. We owe it to the low cost of living here in Mexico, especially in Tijuana, even if we are a fast-growing cosmopolitan city with plenty of middle-class families and a large business district. Our education is affordable as well, so all of our dentists have certainly gone through proper training and are board certified.


Tijuana is close to San Diego, California. In fact, we are a part of the huge U.S.-Mexican border with a total combined population of about 5 million. Many of our patients do choose to spend a weekend here by simply crossing the U.S. border. If they don’t want to bring their vehicles in fear of getting stuck in traffic for a long time, they can just leave it within U.S. soil, walk through customs, and ride a coach or a trolley. Around the city are many cabs that can take you basically any point in the city and nearby neighborhoods.


Even if we’re close to the United States, we’re still in Mexico, and you can instantly feel the different vibe and activity as soon as you cross. It’s truly as if you’ve traveled for miles. People here speak Spanish, though almost all also know how to talk in fluent English. All our staff can communicate in such language. Some of the Mexican food you may have fallen in love while growing up are basically all over the place. Our history and culture are very much alive once you get into Zona Centro. It’s also where some of the most popular nightclubs and bars. There’s the massively beautiful Parque Guerrero, and for only $20, you can take a cab to Rosarito, where some of the finest beaches are.

Getting your dental treatment in Tijuana therefore opens you to several wonderful experiences you can’t just say no to.

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