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Becoming a Dental Tourist

What to Expect When Getting Dental Care in Mexico

Dental tourism is fast becoming a trend, especially among people who are done paying thousands and thousands of dollars for local dental care. In the United States, the rising overhead costs that local dentists have to shell out in order to continue their practices can be blamed for the expensive dental treatments and procedures. Everyone has a right to good dental care, but unfortunately, not everyone can afford the local rates, especially if they do not have medical insurance.

This is where dental tourism enters the picture. A couple of decades ago, American retirees used to cross the border to Mexico to enjoy their holidays, and found that the services of Mexican dentists are at par with their American counterparts—not to mention a lot cheaper. These days, there are a lot of dental clinics and offices right after the border, with highly qualified dentists offering great service and competitive rates.

But what do you have to expect once you have decided to give dental tourism a try? Here are a few things you can expect.

Even though you are going to a dentist in another country, dental tourism in Mexico does not necessarily mean inconvenient travel. There are many parts of California that are very close to the US – Mexico Border that it does not take an hour to drive there. If you are not from California or any nearby state, you can always fly in to San Diego and be shuttled to Tijuana, where many excellent dental clinics and offices are located.

Spanish is the official language of Mexico, but this fact does not mean that its citizens cannot speak English. Many citizens, especially those working in the service industry, are very competent in the language and can thus assist you efficiently. The dental clinics in Tijuana, Mexico are often staffed with individuals that cannot only understand English, but can also communicate complex ideas (such as the description of dental treatments) to the patients. There is no need to fear that you would end up with the wrong kind of crown or get unnecessary surgery—the employees in reputable clinics is very proficient in English and very professional in their work.

Time Off
One of the benefits of dental tourism in Tijuana, Mexico is that you do not need a lot of time off from your job or family. Because it is easily accessible from the United States, you can just spend a day (or even half a day, depending on the treatment or procedure that you are seeking) for the whole thing.

However, if you wish to hit two birds with one stone—dental procedures and a holiday—then Tijuana is the perfect place to visit. There are plenty of things to see and experience in this delightful Mexican city, including the pristine beaches and colorful local culture. You can therefore maximize both your time and money by going on a holiday and improving your dental health!

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